Mediation Tape King Legend/Mic We$t Takeover Available Now! 


Worthy as it is compact, this project is an instrumental beat tape with something different - Mr. Hill’s ongoing search in the form of his singular texture and phrase.

Blending aspects of all Black Music - Hip-Hop, Jazz, R&B, Soul, and Blues - he features compatriots who lend that much more personal freshness. Respectively on bass and kit, Junius Paul and Makaya McCraven are joined by Brett Williams on effectual Fender Rhodes.

The tape also entails compelling dialectic from an interview had earlier this year in New York City. In it, legend-drummer Marvin “Bugulu” Smith and Hill transparently approach meditation, oneness with the universe, and how these might touch - and be touched by - the music of the everyday world.

This project is a wonder-filled opportunity to receive by giving - in imitation of Mr. Hill's always-inspiring attentiveness. That now features two Chicago MC's King Legend and Mic We$t as well as Chicago Poet Harold Green III.

Be sure to listen to the new single, "Good Morning featuring Harold Green III, King Legend & Mic We$t"! It is the first single off of "Mediation Tape King Legend/Mic We$t Takeover"



Band Featuring
Marquis Hill, Trumpet
Brett Williams, Rhodes + Keyboard
Junius Paul, Electric Bass
Makaya McCraven, Drums

Spoken Word

Harold Green III


King Legend

Mic We$t